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Building Violations Enforcement Corps. Public Works Bureau. Kaohsiung City Government

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Building Violations Enforcement Corps. Public Works Bureau. Kaohsiung City Government
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Future Expectation

In addition to the removal of illegal buildings, our future goals are as follows.

By making "Regulations of Building Violation of Kaohsiung City" we set up a mechanism to efficiently deal with the violation cases, to decrease the numbers of building violation, and to encourage the citizens to maintain the city's appearance.

Establish the "Cases Management Online System" to coordinate the investigation and removal management systems and to shorten the time wasted during the process.

Remove the buildings that violate public safety, traffic, hygiene, city appearance, and urban planning, in order to protect the citizens' lives and properties from damage.

Remove the large advertisement, campaign billboards, and scaffolds that damaging the city appearance.

Remove the T-bars advertisement billboards along the sides of the Highway.

Remove the illegal buildings that occupy the country-owned lands.

Continue to clamp down the illegal utilization of the arcades and the pavements to protect the pedestrians' right of way.

Remove the illegal vacant buildings that breed dengue fever.

Remove the illegal buildings occupying the fire escape to protect the citizens' lives.

Accelerate the establishment of "Regulations of Building Violation of Kaohsiung City" and charge the owners of the illegal buildings based on the concept of pay-as-you-use. Thus the city’s buildings management and urban planning systems will be further strengthened. As being in the time that the information communicates so fast, the government should make itself a "learning government". We have to learn and change to meet the citizens' needs and to maintain and improve the public safety, traffic, hygiene, building management and urban planning.
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